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"Kate is a genius. Her kindness and compassions are endless, and after all the bumbs in the road of finding love I needed that compassion. She helped me to get clear about who was the sort of man that really was the love of my life. That clarity helped me meet my husband! Run don't walk to work with Kate."​​
​Eli Davidson, Author of 'Funky to Fabulous', Los Angeles.

“Dr. Kate creates an aura of safety and a powerful yet playful sense of possibility for those of us venturing forth in life's game of relationship. She contributes expansive vision where personal blocks and restrictive behaviors have limited us.  She helps set a course for success in finding a consummate compatible partner that is clear and on purpose.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Client, Los Angeles
“Dr. Kate is a joy to be with. Her skills, focus and loving presence have allowed me to look at areas in which I have allowed compromise that really did not serve me. Her supportive, fun and nurturing nature created a save space for me to explore more ways that I can choose to support myself in all areas of my life. She has assisted me in getting clear in an honest way as to what I truly want in a life partner. I have a solid confidence and self assurance now that comes with knowing that I am honoring myself and the people in my life especially a life partner. I am loving who I am and I bring that to a possible partner.”
J.R., Realtor, L.A.

​Dr. Kate Ferrick is an excellent Coach. She created a safe, caring and loving environment for me to explore what kind of life partner would be right for me based on who I am and what is important for me. She held a compassionate and non-judgmental space for inquiry and uncertainity and assisted me to trust and care for myself as I built up confidence to start dating again.
M.P. Business Consultant