Hi, We're Jeff & Sheri Geyer. 

We offer Faith-Based Marriage Coaching for Christian Couples who are engaged, desire to grow and strengthen their marriage, for those who are working together to heal painful places in their marriage and for those who are marrying again after the divorce or death of a spouse.
“The Joy-Filled ❤️Marriage” 
A Transformative Christian Marriage Coaching Program for Couples!

❤️ Are you and your fiancé preparing for Marriage? 
❤️ Are you and your spouse longing for a more joyful, fulfilling, and God-centered marriage? 
❤️ Do you desire to strengthen the bond that brought you together and overcome the challenges you may be facing? 

We work with couples seeking to prepare for marriage, deepen their connection, reignite their love, and build a solid foundation grounded in faith. Led by experienced and compassionate marriage coaches, Jeff and Sheri Geyer, this program offers personalized guidance, time-tested strategies, and biblical principles to help you thrive as a couple.

Our Offerings are:

Off to a Great Start (Pre-Marriage Coaching)
Take Your Marriage from Fair to Fabulous (Strengthen Your Marriage Coaching)
Heal Your Hurts Together (Marriage Crisis Coaching)
To Dance Again (ReMarriage Coaching)
What to expect from “The Joy-Filled ❤️ Marriage” Program

1. Personalized Coaching Sessions: Jeff and Sheri will work closely with you and your fiancé or spouse, providing one-on-one coaching sessions designed to address your specific needs, goals, and challenges. Through deep listening and empathetic understanding, we'll help identify areas of growth and collaboratively develop a customized roadmap for your relationship.

2. Intentional Relationship Building:  We work to guide you and your fiancé or spouse to dive through transformative exercises aimed at fostering deeper communication, trust, intimacy and effective conflict resolution techniques. Our program will equip you with practical tools that nurture a thriving, Christ-centered marriage.

3. Insightful Biblical Teachings: Rooted in Christian values, our coaching program integrates timeless biblical teachings on love, forgiveness, grace, and servant leadership. By understanding God's design for marriage, you'll gain invaluable wisdom and fresh perspectives that will illuminate your path towards a more harmonious and resilient relationship.

4. Support and Accountability: Our commitment to your marriage goes beyond the coaching sessions. We work with you to establish a supportive community of like-minded couples who are also on their journey toward a transformative marriage. 

If you are ready to invest in your marriage, 
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Together, we can help you create a love story that glorifies God and lets you enjoy the blessings of a marriage that stands the test of time! Let’s get to it…..

-Jeff & Sheri Geyer

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