my story

Hi, I’m Sheri Geyer. 

     I am a Relationship Coach, passionate about empowering women to cultivate Joy-Filled ❤️Relationships℠ . If you are ready to create peaceful relationships, emotional wellness and joy that lasts ... we need to talk! 

     I write a blog based on wisdom I’ve received from my Grandmother and Mother, as well as my deep love for God and His Word. I invite you to join me on my journey and share yours as well!
    My journey of pursuing the best and intentionally choosing to focus on what is truly important to me, began in 2007. I learned through a season of emotional brokenness that much of what contributed to my chaotic and stressful life, resulted from an overcrowded, overbooked, people-pleasing, feeling like I’m-not-enough, disordered life. Much of this came from stressing about too much stuff in my life and on my calendar! 

     When I began making choices regarding what I deeply valued and relinquished my white-knuckle grip on things that held little or no relevance in my life, I was able to create a life of significance. As a result, I enjoy the freedom to pursue the relationships, passions and things that I truly hold dear. I have learned that WHO we are BECOMING is far more important that WHAT we are Doing! My greatest blessing is that I have more emotional wellness and lasting joy than I ever dreamed possible! 

     I am 'Mom' to three grown daughters, and 'Grandma' to an adorable grandson. I enjoy a simple life with my hubby and partner in Real Estate, Jeff (pictured with me above), and our two golden retrievers, Libby & Max, in the Savannah area.

-Sheri xo

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