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What motivated you to seek out a joy-filled relationship coaching course?
Have you previously participated in any relationship coaching or personal development programs? If yes, please provide details.
How would you define a joy-filled relationship?
What are the biggest challenges you face in your current relationships?
What specific goals and outcomes do you hope to achieve through this coaching course?
Are you open to exploring and implementing new strategies and techniques to enhance your relationships?
How committed are you to investing time and effort into completing the course assignments and exercises?
Are you comfortable participating in group discussions and sharing your personal experiences with other course participants?
How do you typically handle conflict in your relationships?
Can you share an example of a relationship issue you've faced in the past and how you addressed it?
Describe your communication style in relationships. Are you more assertive or passive?
What is your preferred learning style? (e.g., reading, watching videos, hands-on exercises, discussions)
Is there any specific area of relationship dynamics, such as effective communication, conflict resolution, or trust-building, that you would like to focus on during this coaching course?
Are you prepared to make changes in your own behavior or mindset to improve your relationships?
What do you hope to gain personally and professionally from completing this coaching course?
Are you willing to provide feedback and testimonials about the coaching course upon completion?
How did you hear about this coaching course?
Is there anything else you would like to share that may be relevant to your application?
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