Sheri has impacted me as a Life Coach in personal relationships and as a Business Coach in starting my own business. Sheri’s genuine love for Christ and caring nature shows and is always present in her interactions with others. She is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and internally motivated women that I know. I can state that her efforts are first rate in everything she strives to do. I wholeheartedly believe in her ability to connect with women and influence them in a positive way.


I met Sheri in 2011 and we became fast friends. She has been my BEST earthly source for Godly wisdom.  Sheri puts God first in her life so she can be a blessing to others.  Sheri has healthier boundaries than anyone I know, and she has continually encouraged me to develop healthier boundaries to improve my life.  If you want help, Sheri WILL HELP YOU draw closer to Jesus so you can discover His unique design for your life!


I attended DivorceCare facilitated by Sheri after discovering my husband's infidelity which was an incredibly challenging time in my life.  I could not have asked for a better  coach than Sheri to lead me towards healing from a situation I never imagined.  From the moment I first spoke to her, I immediately felt at ease and so comforted by her words.  She truly has a gift for helping others and provides the perfect balance of truth and grace.  With Sheri's guidance I have learned forgiveness in a way I never thought would be possible and have been able to heal and move forward with my life.  I wish I could have met Sheri many years ago and learned about boundaries (why don't they teach that in school?!) when I was younger.  As someone who considered herself very independent, I was shocked to learn how codependent I actually was.  Completing the Boundaries group with Sheri has helped me immensely to stop unhealthy habits (people pleasing, enabling negative behavior from others, etc.) and focus on the only person I can control - me! I have grown more in the time I spent in groups with Sheri than I have in so many years prior and feel like a completely new person.  I highly recommend working with Sheri because I can clearly see the enormous impact she has made on my life and the others who participated in groups with me.


Relationships are tough!!! ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Safe People’ are studies by Christian Psychologists, Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend and facilitated by Sheri Geyer offer tools on how to navigate healthy relationships. After my second divorce I made a decision to seek help to stop the patterns of broken relationships. I learned how unhealthy coping mechanisms and poor boundaries contribute to our suffering. These groups offer solutions to manage our lives and relationships more effectively. Highly recommended!!


I took the Boundaries Class that Sheri facilitates to support a bestie who desperately wanted to learn to set boundaries with her adult children. Throughout the class I learned how to set healthy boundaries without feeling like a bad or mean person. It’s a great class that is supportive in all walks of life whether it be a marriage, relationship, work, relatives or friends.


Sheri Geyer was born to be a life coach. She has so much real-life wisdom flowing from her own real-life battles, her compassion for people, her understanding of scripture and her intimate and authentic walk with God. During some of our toughest times, my wife and I have found great counsel and encouragement from Sheri and ultimately experienced much-needed healing. Whether you are in need of guidance for the long haul or a fresh word of insight for the moment, I highly recommend the services of Sheri Geyer.


I met Sheri originally as a facilitator when I joined a DivorceCare group several years ago. Toward the end of the course when she mentioned starting “Safe People” and “Boundaries” groups, I immediately knew I wanted to participate. I had learned to trust Sheri’s wisdom and advice and knew if she recommended it, it would be worth the hour drive each week. I had no idea how crucial these courses would be in my healing journey. I have said many times that Sheri saved my life. Group participants bonded through similar experiences and vulnerability and I made some of my closest, most authentic friends there. Sheri builds such trust within the group that participants feel safe to be open and share details. We learned to appreciate Sheri’s wisdom and empathy due to her own life experiences and healing. The content was life changing for me and I still go back and reread the books to be sure I never go back to the unhappy, people-pleasing, co-dependent person I was then. I consider Sheri a good friend and wise counsel.  Her capacity to love, to make people feel comfortable, and her ability to offer sound advice has been an integral part in my healing journey.


There have been many times I have confided in Sheri about situations, she has never betrayed my trust or made me feel uncomfortable to come to her. I know that in Sheri I have a true friend that is always willing to listen if that is all I need, or a stable counselor that comes packed with years of experience and advice if needed. One thing I have always loved about Sheri is that her advice comes with a Godly and not worldly perspective, which is very important for me. Sheri has helped me to set clear boundaries in my personal and professional life and has allowed me to see that it is okay and in fact necessary to take care of me.

I met Sheri when she spoke at a women’s event at our church. She was the most engaging speaker I’d ever encountered – so much so, I sought her out at the end of the event and spoke to her personally (very out of character for me). We connected immediately and arranged to meet and discuss some things I was facing. I observed that Sheri exhibits an extremely rare and admirable combination of both grace and honesty in her approach to coaching. She is a kind, loving, and godly woman, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she would be an excellent coach for you as well.


Sheri has been a good friend to me for over 15 years. We met as cohorts during our life coach training. We connected so well that we have had "coaching/friend" calls on a pretty regular basis for those years since. Sheri is full of wisdom, encouragement, discernment, and love for the Lord that spills over into any relationship she has - both personal and professional. She is a wonderful listener who has the ability to glean what is needed to help in a situation. She has learned how to have healthy boundaries through life experience and studying and learning how to have those. She is an amazing life coach and instructor who has the desire that everyone lives life to their full potential. I cannot recommend Sheri enough as she will craft an individual plan to help you through whatever your needs are.


I have followed your blog for years and always save my fave posts in a special "growing me" file in my email. Your valuable views have always had such an influence in my re-wiring my brain, emotions and responses over the years, and God has always come back to confirm in HIS word, the many revelatory truths you reveal! It’s precious..
Recently, when you posted, I saved it and shared it with my family that night after dinner and it tickled me to hear them say, hey sounds like YOU mom! So..Thank you Sheri, I just wanted you to know how important you are! And I know there are probably countless others out there that you have emotionally molded into wellness just like me. You are a blessing from beyond and I love you!!


I’ve known Sheri for over 30 years. When she moved back to the Savannah area a few years ago, we re-connected and instantly knew we would pick up our friendship where we left off years prior. When I was going through a troubling part of my life, I invited Sheri over to talk and get advice. She listened intently and talked with me without judgement. A couple of months later, Sheri reached out to invite me to the Boundaries course she taught at a local church. I accepted her invitation and attended the course. I learned how to set boundaries in all aspects of my life with her guidance and spiritual support. I continuously stay in touch with Sheri and value our friendship.


I have shared in wonderful groups that Sheri has led within the past few years… It has created a very special and heartfelt bond amongst the diverse group of participants. Within very healthy boundaries there is a great deal of listening, learning, love and acceptance. This happens organically and Sheri’s vast knowledge as well as experience make this process quite natural. Being a part of these groups at a critical point in time is truly a blessing. I offer much thanks to the group, to God, and to Sheri.


I was introduced to Sheri through church and began going to her classes she facilitated on Boundaries and Safe People. During the classes I quickly learned that what I was feeling was okay and that I was being heard and validated. I felt safe to begin sharing my personal thoughts among the group. Sheri’s loving nature and her hugs when I was falling apart let me know she cared and heard the pain I was dealing with down inside my brokenness. Sheri’s Boundaries and Safe people class has taught me it’s okay to say “No” and to be confident in my answer. I am grateful for Sheri’s continued support in my journey of healing.


We all go through things in life; some we learn from, others may leave us crippled or bitter in certain areas. The best of the best is when we learn from the situation and, in turn, help others in their struggles. I've had the pleasure of knowing Sheri since being classmates in middle and high school. After graduation, we went our separate ways and lost touch, except for the occasional class reunion.When we became reacquainted several years back, I quickly realized that Sheri was one of those that internalized the learnings from the "rough patches" of life. You could tell from her demeanor and her wonderful smile that she came out of them stronger than when she started. Her understanding of difficult situations and love for people are readily apparent when you spend some time with her. She mentioned that she facilitated DivorceCare, Boundaries and Safe People groups, along with her husband, Jeff. As I spent time in their groups, I was greatly impacted by the experiences they've had and the way that the Lord has grown them into resources for many other people. Sheri has definitely learned and applied God's word to these areas and happily brings that wisdom to her coaching and training programs to encourage and share with others. I highly recommend Sheri for any class situation you are considering taking, or as a friend in your life. She excels at both and is a definite treasure to me.


Sheri is a very loyal person and is always willing to share her expertise. Sheri has a way of speaking into situations that cause a person to look within and draw out their positive strengths. I am grateful for her wise words and the peaceful manner in which she helps me work through challenges I face. Not only is Sheri a great listener and coach, she receives other’s suggestions and critiques well, looking within to implement change if necessary.  The thing I love the most about Sheri is her Christian faith.  It is apparent to anyone that knows her how much she loves God and seeks to live her life to please Him and to lead a Biblical life. 

I started meeting with Sheri a few years ago after a personal recommendation. I was looking for someone to help give me direction and clarity on my future career goals. We would meet a few times a month to go over processes and different ways to achieve what I wanted to accomplish. Sheri helped me think outside of the box so I could explore different avenues as well as showing me what my strengths were and how to play up those positive qualities. I am grateful for her help and spiritual direction. It was very important for me to get a correct view of what God saw and desired for my future as well and I feel like I achieved that meeting with her.


I participated in Sheri’s group a few years ago, and we’ve stayed connected since the program finished. I felt really cared about, listened to, and free to share my situation during group time. Sheri is very experienced and provided valuable guidance and loving support. I was very blessed to have her and the group when I went through an extremely hard time. Now I am confident to move forward on my new journey with the skills and concepts I learned from Sheri. 


I participated in one of Sheri’s groups a few years ago, and we remain great friends, I felt that Sheri truly cared about me and my problems. My feelings were always validated and I felt open to share during our group times. Sheri is very experienced in her field, and has true compassion for what she does. I was provided valuable guidance, loving support and validation for the areas of pain in my life. I feel very blessed to have had her and the group there when I truly needed someone. I am a confident and happier person now and have moved forward in life’s journey without looking back. I am delighted to be getting remarries in a few week and am thankful for the friendship, skills and concepts that I learned from Sheri.


I have participated several times in Sheri's groups and found them very helpful. She offered support and guidance in the form of personal life experiences and encouragement. I am recovering from a very painful relationship loss and felt alone and suffered with my adjustments to my new situation. Sheri reminded me that God can be the center of our life when it shatters and walk us back to a place of peace as we adjust to our losses. The group offered positive suggestions to coping with pain and we were all "there" for each other which meant the world to me. Also helpful, was assessing many of my own character flaws. Using vices to avoid dealing with pain doesn't work. I was not setting any acceptable expectations to others in my life and I learned about personal boundaries I need. Sheri used examples to be able to move forward in positive direction with relationships. This has truly been a support system in the form of education on ways to learn a better way of life going forward for those who are broken hearted. People shouldn't have to do it alone. I also think that staying connected is a valuable asset to this program so that friendships that are formed can begin the new tree of life branching out from the wilted soul. Just another important benefit of the healing and rebuilding process with all of us who attended.


It gives me great honor to write about the groups Sheri facilitates that I have I participated in. They have really helped me to get past the bitterness and everything that was going on at the time. If I would have known the things I learned earlier in life, I think it would have really helped me to not get in some of the situations that I have in the faced in the past. Learning to establish healthy boundaries and what it means to have safe people in my life has really helped help me to not let people bully me and run over me now. and It has been very helpful and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I'm more confident since learning that the things I’ve faced in my past have helped me be a better person.


I was privileged, more than I knew at the time, to be a member of Sherri’s Safe People group. I asked a friend to go with me as I was nervous about going by myself. There was no need to be nervous as Sherri is a gifted leader with a heart sold out to the Lord. Everything was kept confidential and I participated more than I thought I would. I’ve developed safe relationships that are continuing to grow. I’ve also learned to be safe for myself, which has helped me to take captive the negative self-talk thoughts.


I participated in Sheri’s boundaries group and was so supported through my journey towards greater healing. Self-awareness, and self-confidence. Sheri is a wonderful teacher and facilitator for these groups. 


It’s my pleasure to recommend Sheri Geyer to you as a coach/mentor and coaching trainer. I’ve known Sheri as a business owner and coach. I’ve seen in her the qualities of a Christian woman that reflect Christ. One of the things that I appreciate most about Sheri is that she coaches personal and professional balance. Work-life balance is imperative for healthy relationships, personal and professional success, and more importantly, one’s spiritual wellbeing and growth. I’ve witnessed that Sheri not only coaches but lives a life of practicing what she coaches. Sheri is committed to helping those she coaches achieve whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.
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