Put simply, it mostly means the prayer is likely about someone who means more to you than anything…. 

This is a short and specific post. 

Tomorrow, my youngest daughter, Rachel, will have heart surgery for mitral valve prolapse. This entails her being intubated, and her heart being stopped, while the procedure to repair her heart is performed.

From a geographic standpoint, she is on one coast, and I am on the other one. 

But, my heart knows no bounds, and I will be with her, in my mind’s eye. 

I have shared my heart on this blog for nearly 15 years. 

Today I’d like to share the deepest part of my true heart with you, as I’d like to call in a favor. 

Would you pray with me specifically for Rachel for the next few days? I’m asking, trusting and believing God for her to be at peace and free of any fear or anxiety, for God to be with her Surgical Team, for a successful outcome, and a quick and uneventful recovery.

I would consider this one of the kindest gifts I could receive from you.

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort!

I pray that you will be abundantly blessed for your kindness and commitment to pray for my baby girl.

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Until next time….

-Sheri xo

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