What Role Do Our Children Really Play in Our Lives?

This is a special tribute to my three amazing daughters .... who have forged a path for me to gain wisdom.... You are my child, my teacher, my friend..... 

Dear Angel, AnnaLynne & Rachel…

From the moment I first saw your face, you gazing with eyes not yet focused, me gazing with eyes filled with wonder...until the moment when I watched you fly from the nest to meet your appointments with life, I am certain that being your mom has been the most rewarding, fearful and joyful experience I could ever hope to have. 

I am convinced that it is you who has been the teacher, and it is I, who has been the student.

You began making sentences, with "Why, Mama?" Later in your teen years, you changed it to, "Why not, Mom?" Your stream of endless questions kept your thirst for life as a continual quest. You never tired of learning and growing and exploring and dreaming and creating.

All I had to do was comment that I wasn't sure how or if a particular thing could work the way you hoped, to set you in motion. You put your whole heart into the things you are passionate about. 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from watching you, is to be passionate about what and who you love!

Even before you could speak, your eyes asked questions and your tiny hands reached to touch, learn, taste and see.

I was amazed at the thirst you had to learn numbers, letters, animals, colors, textures, foods, shapes, trees, flowers, stars, and clouds.

We read books and you became the much-loved characters. Your imagination was infinite. You would lead, and I would follow. 

I grew so much more aware of the world around me through the wonder in your eyes.

You taught me trust, delight, and hope. You gave my life meaning and purpose.

You held a mirror before each of my attitudes and you role-played all my reactions.You became the reason for me to make better choices, to mean what I said, to live what I believe, and to internalize all that is good in my life. It is you, who connected the dots for me.

In a sense, I grew up right along with you. I wanted to be more like you. AndI still do!

I understood why God said that to get into heaven, I would need to become as a little child.

I learned that your spontaneous way of doing life was so much more freeing than the legalistic and controlled way I had attempted to live it.

You wiped away the dust from my daily routine and colored the common things with fresh ideas and showered me with delight to hear your giggles and laughter.

You made things new and gave me a desire to live authentically and become the best version of myself.

You gave me eyes to appreciate and see the value in people, whether they were aged or from different cultures. 

You saw the beauty in the plain and creativity in those timid or challenged. You gave me an open path to tap into my creative energies! 

In this season of our lives, I am simply grateful to be here for you, to support, encourage, cheerlead, and experience all that is important to You....  

You have become the most beautiful young women, not so much my children, as my friends, and truthfully, my instructors in how to love the life I live!!

You have taught me that love is my commitment to the welfare of another.

You are the reason that it all makes sense for me now. 

I love you always !

Your Forever Fan, Mommy =)

Sheri Geyer is a Boundaries Coach for Women

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