Relationships are our most important lifeblood to finding a balance in life that makes it worthwhile. It is imperative that we map out a simple, yet effective way of connecting the dots so that we can enjoy, encourage and resolve the issues that concern them. Here are several simple steps that can point us to a path for peace and growth in the valued relationships in our lives.
Significant relationships in life are not simply geared for personal happiness.  They are not about getting all of our needs met through another person. It's a game of 80/20. If 80% of our connection is good, we can negotiate the other 20%. It is not about finding the perfect person to be a friend, mentor, spouse, neighbor etc., it is more about learning through growing about becoming the best we can be.
Developing patience, understanding, and forgiveness are the fundamentals of sustaining relationships. Strengthening our walk with God and growing in His grace and love helps us to have the tools we need to love others as He has loved us.
It’s okay to have a rookie season in the areas of growing in the relationships that hold the most importance in life. However, we want that to be the exception, not the rule. We can learn much through the occasional breakdown in relationships. It is important that we work through until we resolve our issues. It usually takes a "breakdown" (working through life as we know it) to get a "breakthrough" (the new normal where both parties share their insights). This is the recipe for lasting relationships, ones that go the distance.
Read, study, ask questions about building lasting relationships at home, work, in business and in organizations where you serve. As a coach, I often meet women seeking encouragement on growing the important relationships in their lives. The foundational issue is trust. Regardless of the area of relationship you are trying to build in your life, trust takes time, commitment and consistency. We offer value, build relational capital, and in time, trust is developed. We build loyalty and that is what builds emotional and relational security.
How you will be remembered has less to do with how much money you make or how much you accomplish and more with how you have loved and lived.
Sheri Geyer is a Boundaries Coach for Women

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